Press Release


The 2014 Sound Horse Conference, held in Brentwood, Tennessee in late March, 2014, was a great success.  We will have proceedings posted soon.  These early comments were received:

I want to thank you for making this Sound Horse Conference the best ever! The general program was exceptional, the science was great and the testimonials were so compelling. I appreciate your hard work so much and I'm very proud of each of you! You made me proud to be a sponsor.  There is so much good information that can be used from this event to further the cause for the sound horse  …   the testimonials were captivating and I believe we need to spread those words as quickly as possible, both in video and print.

“It gave validation to the trials and struggles over the years. You’re making a difference, and maybe my children will have a sound walking horse industry to experience.”

Again, thank you for your hard work - it paid off! Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

It was the best Sound Horse Conference yet!!  I am so very proud and honored to be involved in this endeavor for the future of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

It was a wonderful event! Thank you for all you have done for the horses and putting this together!

Thanks again for a great conference and look forward to more in the future.

You and all the hard workers who organized this conference are the reason that it was so successful. I have done a lot of “teacher stuff” over the years and what you and your team got together was just phenomenal. And I am telling that to everyone who asks. So thank you to you and I am hoping that the next Sound Horse Conference will be able to celebrate a truly sound future for the breed because the PAST Act has become law.

I was honored to present at the Fourth Sound Horse Conference this past weekend. What a wonderful and exciting time was had by all. Invaluable information was presented by many professionals including veterinarians, trainers, clinicians, breeders, the USDA and sound horse advocates. The networking opportunities for those that love the Tennessee Walking Horse were unsurpassed. Attendees were reenergized and doubly motivated to end soring and promote our Walking Horse. Please join me in applauding FOSH’s hard work and efforts to educate and share information on all the work being done to end soring